House Rules

This game will use the Scroll of Errata (also known as “Exalted 2.5”) in its entirety, except for the following houserules:

PRE-COMBAT BANTER PHASE: Barring surprise attacks, assume everyone has time to put up scene-long charms and effects before combat if there’s reasonable time to do so. No one wants to see DBZ Charging Up Scenes.

XP RECOVERY: If you missed a session (or more than one), or are anyway behind everyone else with your XP, you gain double XP until your XP total is equal to everyone else’s. Unless you make me mad for some reason, I guess.

SIMPLE LIMIT BREAK: Instead of choosing a Limit Break type and all that shit: When something pisses you off, roll the relevant virtue most closely related to the fact that pissed you off and add successes to Limit gauge. When you hit 10, you receive +10 temporary WP and you lose control in some way that will be chosen on an ad-hoc basis.

CHEAP THAUMATURGY: Degrees cost 5 XP, or 4 if you have Occult as a favored ability. Thaumaturgy is in Oadenol’s Codex if you want to bother. With this XP cost, the things Thaum does can turn out to be useful even to Exalted who would have access to more powerful (but less flexible) tools.

FUCK TRAINING TIMES: Fuck training times. I’ll improvise.

FUCK CRAFTING RULES: Fuck crafting rules. I’ll improvise.

FUCK MASS COMBAT: Fuck mass combat. I’ll improvise.

FUCK MANDATE OF HEAVEN: Fuck Mandate of Heaven. I’ll improvise.

HUGE HUGE HUGE: Your stamina score gives you extra health levels (kinda like a “poor man’s Ox-Body”). Stamina 1 gives an extra -4 health level, Stamina 2 gives a -2, Stamina 3 a -1, and Stamina 4 and 5 both give an extra -0 health level each. They are of course cumulative. If you somehow manage to gain Stamina 6 or beyond (for example through charms or knacks), every further point of Stamina is another -0 health level. If the effect is temporary, damage trickles down so if you like boost your Stamina with a Charm and end up wounded to your last HL, when the Charm goes down you might get knocked below Incapacitated.

FIXED ECLIPSES: Eclipses (and Moonshadows) can’t learn other people’s charms anymore.

LIGHTSPEED LIMIT: No action, except for Aim and Guard, can ever have its speed drop below 3.
A BIT LESS PERFECT: Perfect defenses do not suffer from the Flaws of Invulnerability, but instead can only be used a number of time per scene equal to how many points you have in the virtue you connected them to.

SORCERY IS TOTALLY RADICAL NOW: When you learn a circle of Sorcery, you automatically learn three spells through the Salinan Working: the circle-appropriate Countermagic or Banishment spell, a Summon-type spell of your choice, and any other spell of your choice. (If you don’t know what a Salinan Working is, it’s alright, it’s not important right now)

CRAFT IS TOTALLY NOT RETARDED NOW: The five different mundane types of Craft now work like languages for Linguistic, instead of being separate skills. So with Craft 3 you might be skilled in Earth, Water and Fire crafts. If you really want to be very good at just one craft you can get just Craft 1 and then buy Specialties on that Craft type. Advanced Crafts such as Craft (Magitech) and Craft (Genesis) still count as separate skills.

THERE’S A LIMIT TO RIDICULOUSNESS: Moon-Faced and Moonsilver armor DOESN’T stack with charms that give soak that doesn’t stack with armor.

BATTLE FURY FOCUS 2: FOCUS HARDER: Let’s change how this charm works. If intimacy threatened: +1 dice to all pools, -1 to wound penalties. If motivation threatened: +2 dice or +1 success to all pools, no wound penalties, soak lethal with full stamina.

BLOODTHIRSTY SWORD-DANCER SPIRIT 2: THIRSTY HARDER: Let’s change how this charm works. Only if motivation challenged or intimacy damaged (killed loved one, etc). roll a relevant virtue and gain successes in limit. Fly into rage (spend 1 wp, roll valor and gain successes in limit, roll WP at a difficulty of your Essence in order to regain composure). Add Resistance to accuracy, damage, DV computing pool, lethal and bashing soak for the scene. ignore wound penalties. Soak lethal with full stamina, too. If “killed” while this charm is in effect, you stay standing for another Essence actions and keep fighting with unlimited Motes and Willpower. As the charm ends, you fall to your last Dying level. A difficulty (your essence + 1) Medicine roll can save you, but only one such roll might be attempted before your death. Even if saved, you still suffer a permanent wound (ST’s call, but it should be equivalent to a permanent amputation effect that cannot be recovered except by ST concession as the Exalted’s soul is damaged by the shock of near-death combined with the charm’s effect)

CHANNEL AWESOME: Channelled virtues are successes, not extra dice. They also last for the entire action and add to all relevant rolls and static values.

ITS BURNING GRIP TELLS ME TO DEFEAT YOU: You can spend 1 WP and ignore all wound penalties for an action.

THE COST OF BACKGROUNDS: You can just spend XP to acquire or increase backgrounds. 3 XP per dot, except the 4th and 5th dot which cost double.

TOKIMEKI EXALTED: Intimacies have 5 “hit points” instead of [Conviction]. They normally go “Hate” → “Normal” (i.e. no Intimacy) → “Trust” → “Love”.

House Rules

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